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Who is excited to see Eli back?

Daniel Jones, King Of New York, Leads Giants To First Win Of Season:

Exciting win for the Giants and a great debut for Danny! 

For the record, the Eli situation has been devastating for me. Eli will always be my favorite QB. He deserved better than this!

It was an ugly game for the Giants in week 1.The Giants have no defense and Coach Shurmur was a terrible play caller. Overall it was an unacceptable and disappointing performance. 

Happy football season!

Why Your Team Sucks 2019: New York Giants:

How bad will the season get? Comments please! 

What is Eli’s fate? Will he play for one more year, retire, or get canned?

The playoffs are so boring when the Giants are out. Who will you be rooting for in the playoffs?

Odell Beckham Sounds Fed Up:

I’m fed up too. Even through this disaster of a season there was still a slim chance to make the playoffs, which gave some of us a little bit of excitement. The Giants were playing a great game and should have won this one. Yesterdays loss was embarrassing and was the most disappointing moment of this dumb season. 

The winning streak is over and the playoff hopes are gone.