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Who is excited to see Eli back?

Daniel Jones, King Of New York, Leads Giants To First Win Of Season:

Exciting win for the Giants and a great debut for Danny! 

For the record, the Eli situation has been devastating for me. Eli will always be my favorite QB. He deserved better than this!

The Giants Are Inching Closer And Closer To The Daniel Jones Era:

Are you ready for DJ? 

It was an ugly game for the Giants in week 1.The Giants have no defense and Coach Shurmur was a terrible play caller. Overall it was an unacceptable and disappointing performance. 

Why Your Team Sucks 2019: New York Giants:

How bad will the season get? Comments please! 

Former Kentucky, NFL QB Lorenzen dies at 38:

Sad news. Rest in Peace, Jared Lorenzen, The Hefty Lefty.

Dave Gettleman Now Has Everything Riding On Daniel Jones: undefined

This is my theory on Daniel Jones. The Giants are going to continue to draft crap QBs until the next generation of Mannings are ready for the NFL. What a waste of a pick on this guy! I have lost confidence in Gettlemen. Why would they pick a guy at #6 who might sit for 3 years, as Gettlemen suggested? MY GOD! I feel bad for this kid because he is going to get roasted in NY and he doesn’t look tough enough to handle it. 

What is Eli’s fate? Will he play for one more year, retire, or get canned?