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Week 1: NY Giants Fanatic Reaction and Analysi…

And just like that Football is back! Unfortunately the Giants took an L in week one but I believe the team is much improved from last year. There is no way the Giants can be worse than last year so I am looking forward to this season.

The Good

One of the best changes I noticed was an improvement the play calling. Shumur is mixing things up, letting Eli throw some deep balls. Last year we had the same predictable plays over and over. I like that Schumer is willing to make some fun plays. It makes the game more exciting.

I know it has only been one game but I can tell Shurmur is a way better coach than McAdoo. Good riddance, Ben!

Eli was on fire in the first half. He went 11 for 11. He played his 217th career game, surpassing Michael Strahan for the most games ever played for the Giants.

Jackrabbit Janoris with his interception and Eli Apple playing great D was encouraging to see.

We got to see Saquon score his first NFL touchdown, a 68 yarder at that! He had 105 yards total for the game. I am so happy we have a running back again!

Odell won the match vs. Jalen. 

Overall the defense played well. They got a few sacks, deflected a pass, got an interception. I feel like they could become a top defense, especially when Olivier Vernon is back and healthy.

The Bad

Like last year, the Giants are struggling to find the end zone. Field Goals are so boring. I want the TD! 

Bortles got a run on the D for 41 yards, that was an embarrassing play.

Eli didn’t connect with Odell when he was wide open and  missed a throw to him in the end zone.  

Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard dropped some passes.

Eli was sacked twice.

The Ugly

ERIC FLOWERS! Flowers is a bust. I can’t believe they let him on the field. He was so unprepared for the game. He had two appalling penalties on the first drive alone! 

Eli threw a pick six, although not entirely his fault. Flowers got beat (again) and Miles Jack tipped the pass which caused the interception. 

Special teams had an epic fail in the end. With a minute and a half left in the game  Kaelin Clay muffed the punt. Eli didn’t get a chance to attempt a comeback and the Jags won the game. Special teams needs to step it up. They cost us several games last year and I don’t want to see that again this season.


Overall, I think the Giants played well. Once they work out some miscommunications, do something about Flowers and start finishing drives, they could be unstoppable. The Giants came back from a dreadful season but played well against a team that previously played in the AFC championship. That is impressive enough for me, all things considering. 

I want to see the Giants explode vs the Cowboys in week 2. We know NYG has the offensive weapons and I want to see some epic plays from Odell and Saquon. 

On a final note. I really think the Giants should sign Kaepernick as backup QB. Davis Webb is gone. If Eli gets injured the Giants are doomed. Also Colin deserves to play. He is a great QB. 



IT’S GAMEDAY! Jacksonville @  NY

IT’S GAMEDAY! Jacksonville @  NY

Who is your pick?

It is important for NYG to get the W this week so they can put last year’s disaster behind them.